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album cover business cardsWe tried to come up with an overarching theme for this week’s business cards. After staring out the window at PaperSpecs Towers for a good 10 minutes we said “Nuts to that, we love cool business cards – that’s the theme!” This week, we lose our hearts to mixtapes, our cool to album art, and our *ahem* over classy mini-menus. Bon appetit! (Help yourself to more delicious Cool Cards of the Week here.)

Mixtape Business Card

We adore anything that reminds us of our youth (because we’re middle aged and fear the reaper), so these transparent plastic cards for (and by) French art direction company WildLabs really tickled our nostalgia receptors. If you can create a leave behind that the recipient is likely to hang on to, that’s pretty much mission accomplished, isn’t it? Well we’d say mission jolly well accomplished.

mixtape business card


Album Cover Business Cards

We picture the fine folks at MOO being fun and creative types who are often left alone unsupervised with thousands of dollars worth of the latest digital printing technology. How else do you explain some of the promotional materials that trickle out of their offices? CreativeBloq gives us the skinny on their latest creations:

“Alex Steinweiss was the first designer to produce a record sleeve design and March 24th would have marked his 98th birthday. It’s also the 75th anniversary of that first ever record sleeve design, so the team at MOO decided to celebrate by putting 50 of his iconic designs onto their square business cards.”

The result is like doing a cannonball into your grandparents’ record cabinet…if those records had been 2.56″ x 2.56″ or thereabouts.

album cover business cardsalbum cover business cards


Chef’s Business Card

If restaurants are your life it stands to reason that you’re going to want to convey that in your business card. 3 Advertising whipped up a smart and dignified business card for New Orleans Chef Scott Boswell (owner of the Stella and Stanley restaurants) that was letterpress printed by the always amazing Studio on Fire. The little slipcase really puts it over the top.

menu business cardsmenu business cardsmenu business cards


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