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We’re as susceptible to the allure of gimmicky business cards as the next person, but every once in a while we prefer to bask in the beauty of those that are simply elegant. This week, we are entranced by a videographer’s colorful creation, get lightly inebriated with a cocktail consultancy (who knew?), and covet the busy-yet-awesome cards of a design firm. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Videographer’s Business Card

The language barrier being what it is, there’s precious little information available on this card for videographer Peta Yin. Fortunately, these images speak for themselves. Fine-line details, embossing and a synaptic surge of color comes together to make this a business card as enticing as any film footage Peta is likely to take.

photographer business cardphotographer business card


Cocktail Consultancy Business Card

San Francisco’s Fifty Fifty Cocktail Co. makes their living by creating unique bar programs for establishments that sling hooch. In keeping with the classy look of its website, they had the always awesome Mama’s Sauce print these gold-edged beauties.

fifty fifty business cardfifty fifty business card


Creative Agency’s Business Card

Madrid’s Locco Starr Group has another one of those business cards that simply shouldn’t work, but does. Somehow, all of that lettering and line work comes together perfectly to frame a central blind deboss that pops very well indeed. The texture alone ensures that this card will be close at hand for years to come.

creative agency business card


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