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When it comes to clueing people in to what you do for a living, there’s something to be said for the direct approach – a little “concrete thinking” goes a long way. This week, we check out the price tag for a fashion blogger, hang up the ol’ “Do Not Disturb” sign, and decide maybe it’s time to cut up those credit cards after all. (Don’t forget to check out previous “Cool Cards of the Week” here.)

Fashion Blogger Business Card

If fashion’s your thing, chances are that clothing price tags boost your heart rate and capture your attention like few things do. Hungarian fashion blogger Melinda Csomak modeled her cards after that ubiquitous item, right down to including a barcode. (No word on what happens when you scan it, though.)

fashion blogger business card


Hotel & Resort Business Card

This is a great example of how an object many of us already use for marketing and advertising purposes – a door hanger – can become even better simply because of its context. In this case it’s a door-hanger business card for a hotel and resort company, which instantly brings to mind the “Do Not Disturb” signs we’re accustomed to finding in hotels. This card does not disturb us in the slightest 😉

hotel and resort business card


Credit Counseling Service Business Card

This one impresses more and more the longer you think about it. First, it clearly captures the attention of its target audience by presenting them with a format that hits them on an almost primal level. Next, the rep’s name and phone number are embossed on the piece to engage both touch and sight. Not only does this appeal to two senses at once, it gives the holder of the card – someone who has been through financial hell – something to hold on to, both literally and figuratively: a security blanket for the financially devastated.

credit counseling business card


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