Who We Are

The PaperSpecs Story

It all started more than six years ago …

I spent an otherwise pleasant afternoon working on a key project and diligently searched for the ideal paper.

I roamed through the studio’s many swatchbook drawers and finally felt the relief of finding a paper sample with the “perfect” color and texture. (Picture me holding it up with one of those satisfied smiles on my face.)

Too late, I discovered that the swatchbook was outdated and this perfect color was no longer produced. This maddening problem is not unique. Throughout my many years in design, I had repeatedly experienced the same situation in Germany, the U.S. and Australia – it’s a worldwide issue, indeed.

Fiercely Independent

To preserve my sanity (and ultimately, yours), I founded PaperSpecs, the first online paper database specifically developed for the design and print industries.

Each of us here at PaperSpecs is truly a paper enthusiast (well, tech guy Geoff might be the exception), with backgrounds in design, printing and paper.

Knowing that you require a truly comprehensive paper database, one that covers stock of every description and source, PaperSpecs is fiercely independent and not sponsored by any mills or merchants. We don’t sell paper, we simply tell you everything you need to know about it.

Current and Comprehensive

When we started, we were expecting the usual changes to paper lines, based on our many years of experience.

But now, we find that the current flood of changes, cancellations of existing lines and the number of new releases in the marketplace is simply unprecedented.

On a typical working day, around 7:00 a.m., I start by talking directly with East Coast and Midwest mills, making sure we know ahead of time which lines will be updated or discontinued, and when new promotions will be released – all to ensure that our PaperSpecs database is timely, accurate and comprehensive.

So spend your time doing what you do best and let PaperSpecs research and collect all the latest facts and data about available papers. It’s all waiting for you, right here, online.

To sample the many benefits of PaperSpecs membership, give it a taste test with a 7-day free trial.

Sabine Lenz
Founder, PaperSpecs