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Xerox recognizes that while paper – coated and uncoated – is the bedrock of the printing industry, printers are increasingly looking for unique media products that fill a void, serve a niche, and create a buzz with customers.

Indeed, there’s a new world beyond plain paper, and Xerox is leading the way with a host of specialty media products that are ripe to serve the variable data, short-run, on demand, print market that has burgeoned in the past few years.

One such offering is Xerox Premium Never Tear. Optimized for digital, this 100 percent polyester media runs and images just like regular paper, but that’s where the similarities end.

Use indoors or out! It’s so easy.
Since Xerox Premium Never Tear is water and tear resistant, it’s a durable solution for every project, and there is no need to laminate. So from outdoor signage to wallet-size ID cards, from super thin and flexible 3.7 mil up to thick and rigid 14 mil, there’s a sheet for every application need.

Xerox sweetens the deal with an easy print-tear-and-go system of pre-perforated Premium Never Tear that allows you to go straight from blank sheets to a finished product in a matter of seconds – no post-processing required. Create variable data/personalized parking passes, door hangers, bookmarks, luggage tags, ID cards and many other products in a flash.

New Opportunities Await
Now you can offer your customers application options that were once the domain of large production runs: specialty dimensional applications on durable synthetic media.

So say you’ve a customer putting together an event conference. It’s now pretty darn easy to send each attendee a set of personalized event luggage tags along with all their traditional program information.

Need event parking passes? Easy to do with Xerox Premium Never Tear that’s pre-perforated in the right shape and size and ready to hang.

And how about a personalized bookmark to complement that seminar brochure? Print it on Xerox Premium Never Tear, and it won’t tatter, fray or tear. Pretty cool. Pretty easy.

Xerox is really making it easy to enrich common print applications with value added accessories. For printers, that means new revenue streams; for creative designers, it means unique application options, and for the end recipient, it means a personalized, functional, and highly durable product.

So think about creating some buzz with your customers. Xerox Premium Never Tear, whether pre-perforated in any one of a number of configurations, or in plain flat sheets in a variety of calipers, will enable you to offer some sizzling applications that are certain to get noticed – and isn’t that what everyone is striving for these days?

If you’d like a sampling of Xerox Premium Never Tear, please click here.

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