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Instant and 24/7 access to our 4,300+ online paper database.
Find the perfect paper for your project within minutes then feel it using your own sample books or order them right here.
facts Facts no Fiction
You don’t have time for irrelevant or outdated information. Roam our PaperFacts section for the latest printing and finishing techniques, or listen to industry experts as they share their knowledge in on-demand webinars.
samples Meet the Papers Personally
Never spec a paper you haven't met personally. Ensure you have the most up-to-date versions and order those hard-to-get swatchbooks or sample sheets.
  green Up-to-Date “Green” Features
Is the paper recycled? FSC? SFI? Access easy-to-understand facts and explanations to the acronym jungle and find the matching papers in the PaperSpecs PRO paper database.
trends The Latest Trends
See what is new and exciting. Order hot-off-the-press mill promotions and read the latest insider tips.
  personal Personal Attention
Our PRO concierge is standing by to help you with your paper queries and answer your questions.
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We help hundreds of designer and print buyers every day, and our members tell us that PaperSpecs PRO is the secret weapon that helps them
- expand their creative vision,
- save time in their print creation process,
- fill their knowledge gaps,
- defy irrelevant and outdated information,
- stimulate their out-of-the-box thinking.

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“I have used many cheat sheets over the years and now finally, a single source for identifying, comparing and specifying paper. AND great for requesting paper samples!”

Lauren Elliot, Owner
Wicked Good Print Production



“You’re no longer at the mercy of your in-house paper library. PaperSpecs is an empowering tool that greatly expands the creative possibilities of specifying paper.”

Maureen Erbe, Owner
Erbe Design

Discover. Touch. Learn.
Be inspired.
Be inspired
Discover the design possibilities with insights into the latest trends. Out-of-the-box ideas. Mission-critical facts and perception. Or just lean back and be inspired.


“PaperSpecs PRO is so much more than just a paper and sample locater. The printing and finishing resources have provided inspiration, and the educational programs bring enlightenment. Thank you for helping me create the best print pieces I can!

Leah McCloske, Designer-Owner, Art in Motion

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Insights Learn from the best ...
Get insights from the Pros

We dig deep. We question everything ... 
So you don’t have to.

We sift through and combine the wide-ranging knowledge of passionate, effective experts in the design, paper, printing and finishing fields and deliver it to you in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand way.

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"I was so intrigued by the items that you could access not being a member, I had to find out more about what you could when purchasing the membership. Being quite honest, the value I have gained so far is well worth the price of a full year membership."

Susan Keeble, Project Manager, FL

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Of course, in this over-promising world of ours you may be skeptical about all this. We would be too, but also intrigued.

From helping hundreds of PaperSpecs PROs every day, we know you and your creativity will profit immensely from being a member of our special group.

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