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PANTONE Certified Printer Program

Pantone has introduced its PANTONE Certified Printer Program, which is a patent-pending, professional certification program developed to ensure accurate PANTONE Solid and Process Color matching throughout the production workflow.

The program audits, inspects, analyzes and qualifies the operations of participating offset printers – from intake and ink mixing to print production and customer handling. Each phase of the process is examined and must meet Pantone’s quality standards.

Through the use of instruments and ink formulation software, PANTONE-certified printers can calculate the best possible match to a client’s chosen substrate and set realistic expectations by providing a report that indicates how closely a designer can expect to match any given color.

Printers can become certified for U.S. $7,850. This covers the first year of certification, a two-day audit and a one-year PANTONE License. Certification for additional printing plants is $4,100. Recertification is available for U.S. $6,050 per year. Recertification of additional plant sites is U.S. $2,300 per year. There may be additional costs for products, software and equipment calibration necessary to pass audit requirements.

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