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We all have one thing in common: a love of paper. Whether we came to this passion early or late, we adore paper – touching it and seeing all the beautiful ways it’s transformed in the act of communication. We’re here to help you make the most of the PaperSpecs database and website, and to show you how to find your perfect paper, buy it sustainably and use it creatively. Nice to meet you!

Sabine, Paper Queen
Sabine LenzYou know her as PaperSpecs’ founder, president and CEO, but let’s talk about the important stuff. Sabine hails from Germany, where she started as a designer. She moved to Australia where her penchant for paper drew her to actually making paper at Creative Paper Tasmania (“a messy, but very empowering and eye-opening experience”).

As a current U.S. resident and tea connoisseur, there’s always a large variety of loose black tea on hand – no green tea in her cupboard … way too healthy. Helpful tip: it’s best not to call her before she’s had her first cup in the morning.

She says she loves doing anything artsy from going to museums to seeing independent films, but given the amount of work she accomplishes in any given day, we’re not sure when she finds the time for this. Her favorite color is yellow, the warm nearly orangey kind, because it reflects her nearly never-ending optimism.

Aaron, THE Man (literally)
Aaron BermanWhen not cobbling together the latest PaperTalks newsletter, Aaron can be found guzzling Arrowhead Sparkling Water and further proving his devotion to paper by doodling through at least a ream or two annually and ordering books from Amazon (and berating himself for it later). He’s also kept at least one mill in business with his own most recent book, “Soap: The Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules,” which clocks in at nearly 500 pages. (He needs help, but he refuses the chocolate.)

Beth, Synergy Seeker
beth-remboltWhen not on the lookout for ways to help PaperSpecs partner with companies in the industry – think of it as arranging “play dates” that end in mutually beneficial results rather than tummy aches and swearing – Beth can usually be found outdoors. If she’s not hiking or biking with her husband and two children, she’s off running half- and full marathons, leading children’s club at her local church, or otherwise making the rest of us look like the layabouts we suddenly realize we are. (She’d rather be baking, though.)


Dori, Troop Leader
dori-tattrie2Dori keeps us from losing our way in the great PaperSpecs outdoors. She makes sure we have our maps and compasses and tells us when it’s time to pitch project tents. When not crossing things off her to-do list (an uncontrollable obsession), she teaches two spin classes a week, which comes in handy after consuming all that chocolate. Dori is happiest on the beach where you might find her in a pink bathing suit reading InStyle Magazine. She lives to keep us organized and to add new stamps to her passport.

Erika, Multi-Task Maven
erikaErika’s background in office management/admin and graphic design equals a perfect fit for PaperSpecs. With her left hand, she deftly handles graphic production (newsletter, website, image editing). Not to be outdone, her right hand expertly manages our paper database. When not stalking the mills for the info that keeps all those paper specs up-to-the-minute fresh, she enjoys a pint (beer, not ice cream), working out (mud run anyone?), travel adventures, time with the family, and the always-blissful date night with hubby.

Heather, Data Traffic Controller
After planning (and surviving) two weddings for her daughters within 15 months, we knew Heather had the cool to handle crosschecking important details from the paper database to the Gallery. While there was nothing like her old job of directing the 34 staff members and 200 students at a private school for seven years, she now fills the newfound quiet time thinking about nothing but paper! From scrapbooking and reading to homeschooling her two sons, this woman has it all under control.

Tamara, Word Detective
tamara2“Tamara, could you–? Do you have time to –? How about-?” No sooner do we discover that something needs writing than Tamara has whipped it up and fired it into our inbox, twirling her content gun on one finger as if to say “Shucks, t’weren’t nothing.” What else would you expect from someone whose love affair with paper began at the tender age of 5 when she read Encyclopedia Brown detective stories to her kindergarten classmates? All of which makes her the ideal person to listen to (and write about) tales of paper splendor.

Veronica, Concierge
Veronica2Veronica turns the ugliness of chaos and confusion into the beauty of tranquility and order. After a day of ferreting out the answers and information our PaperSpecs Pro members seek, she returns home nightly to the bliss of her favorite chore – laundry (seriously). Veronica envisions turning her backyard into a Garden of Eden without touching dirt or hiring a landscaper. (Her hubby would do it, but he’s too busy fulfilling the clause in their marital contract concerning traveling to foreign countries.)


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