SenseAtional Wish Book Kit


Bennett Graphics

By now your clients and their audiences have seen it all, but have they felt it all? Not even close. And Bennett Graphics has your secret weapon for designing unforgettable treats for the fingertips as well as the eyes: its new SenseAtional technique for digital printing.

That’s right – SenseAtional enables you to push your design work to whole new, previously unimaginable levels. Images can be raised, made slick, contoured or enhanced with foil for maximum impact. And because it’s designed for digital printing, you can keep your print runs small and even make each piece different thanks to variable-data printing technology.

From simple personalization to crafting entirely different products for different audiences in the same run, your options for producing truly SenseAtional work are virtually limitless. Discover the possibilities with the SenseAtional Wish Book Kit in which images twist the contours of your imagination and animals spring to life from the page. To learn more about SenseAtional please contact your sales rep or email [email protected]

Ready to experience this SenseAtional new technique for yourself? Enter to win one of 100 copies of the SenseAtional Wish Book Kit right now, only from Bennett Graphics! Hurry, contest ends June 29th!







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