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Red Paper Plane

Stuck for a way to get direct-mail recipients to visit your website? What if they could literally plug your mailing into their laptops or PCs and be whisked off to your landing page? Now they can! The fully-customizable Webkey Mailer from Red Paper Plane quickly plugs into any USB port, fires up a web browser, and goes right to any site you desire. Simple as that!

Whether you want to take them to a data-collection form, a video, a portfolio or a social media page, the Webkey Mailer transports them there instantly. And like all Red Paper Plane designs, it’s completely customizable and available in quick turnaround times.

Red Paper Plane thinks you’ll love the Webkey Mailer so much, they’re giving away five $50 Amazon gift cards. Simply request a sample Webkey Mailer, plug it into your computer, and see if you’re one of the 5 lucky winners!

Request your Webkey Mailer and potentially win a $50 Amazon gift card now! Hurry, offer ends March 8th!

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