Domtar Blueline Magazine Vol. 6: Crafting a Legacy


Whatever you do, the work you print makes a lasting impression. And according to legendary designer Kit Hinrichs, whenever we do that we’re “defining the value of our culture.” In his exclusive interview with Blueline Magazine, Hinrichs addresses the roles of print and creative professionals in shaping and preserving history.

Speaking of impressions, Domtar is excited to share your responses to their first-ever Blueline Magazine subscriber survey in this issue. Judging from your feedback, it’s clear that print and paper are vital to your branding and communication strategies.

Also in this issue:

  • In his acclaimed work for Shutter Magazine, award-winning photographer Salvatore Cincotta demonstrates how print not only amplifies the message, but also elevates the experience.
  • See how J. Walter Thompson Toronto helped Pennzoil commemorate its 50-year collaboration with Team Penske.
  • And last but not least, we’ll pause to reflect on a particularly significant milestone: the 45th anniversary of Cougar Paper.

Many of us aspire to be remembered not just for the quality of our work, but also for the relationships we forge along the way. As Blueline Magazine shows issue after issue, when you work with print and paper, you get to make your legacy your own.

Request your copy of Domtar’s Blueline Magazine Vol. 6 right now. Hurry, this offer ends June 1st!

Cougar is a registered trademark of Domtar.


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