Strut Your Printed Stuff!

That’s right … There’s no need to be shy at the PaperSpecs Gallery.

That’s what the PaperSpecs Gallery is all about. We’ve created a curated space where design, paper and printing excellence are celebrated and made very visible – for those who love the medium of paper. For those who want a little inspiration. For those who may be your next clients.

What’s in it for you?

As well as receiving exposure for your work (and the admiration of your peers), a feature video about your project might appear on the PaperSpecs website.

How to submit

Complete the entry form below.

Send two printed samples of the entry along with your completed entry form to:

PaperSpecs Gallery
665 55th Street
Sacramento, CA 95819

Important: Sending printed samples is a very important step in your submission. Without the printed samples, we cannot properly write about your submission or use it in the videos we produce for select entries. Don’t forget to include that completed entry form with your printed samples. This will ensure that the electronic portion of your entry will be accurately and quickly married with the physical part of your entry.

If you have images of your submission, please attach them. You may attach up to six (1,920 pixels wide, 72 dpi JPG format). If you do not have images, we’ll be happy to take them for you from the supplied printed samples. See Step 2 above!

Those selected to appear in the PaperSpecs Gallery will be notified by e-mail. Not all entries will be selected for inclusion. We’re looking for those printed pieces that are truly inspirational in terms of creative use of paper, appropriate use of paper and excellence in design and printing.

So go ahead and strut your printed stuff!

NOTE: There is no fee to enter your projects to the Gallery!


You can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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