Upcoming Webinar:
Making Color Make Sense

webinar_color_senseMaking Color Make Sense
Thursday, December 4, 2014
2:00 p.m. Eastern (11:00 a.m. Pacific)

The annual color forecasts are full of inspiration. They also bring to mind real-world questions designers need to answer. Are these colors passing trends or part of a broader movement? Can I use these colors on the kinds of projects I design?

In our next free webinar, Making Color Make Sense, color expert Jack Bredenfoerder will show us how …

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Your Creative Biz:
3 Steps to 2015 Success

ilise_benun_webinar_creative_bizYou have talent and energy. You took the leap and started your own creative business, but it isn’t going the way you thought it would. You seem to be taking whatever work comes along, doing boring work for difficult clients.

The guest speaker at this webinar, well-known marketing and business coach Ilise Benun, says that might be because you, like most creative professionals who venture out on their own, missed taking three …

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An Eye & Taste for Menu Design

Webinar Menu DesignShould a designer include dollar signs or not on menu prices? Does descriptive menu copy turn on a diner’s appetite or leave them feeling too full to eat?

These are just some of the menu design questions Gregg Rapp, founder of Menu Technologies, answered in this webinar. From The Today Show to The Washington Post, his expertise has been sought out and featured in high-profile print and broadcast media.

Rapp shared his …

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Brand Secrets Behind
Uber’s Global Drive

Brand Secrets Behind Uber’s Global Drive WebinarBuilding connections. It’s become the bedrock of branding and marketing, and some design and branding studios seem to know just how to use the available media (print, digital, collateral) in simple, effective and fresh ways.

In this free PaperSpecs webinar sponsored by VMA Storyboard, Dava Guthmiller, creative director of Noise 13, shared the creative processes and tools she and her team have used to help build Uber’s …

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Designing Labels:
Tips that’ll Stick with You

71-nl-125One of the great bonuses of today’s craft-based entrepreneur movement is a renewed interest in packaging design. (Why would someone take all the time and care to produce a beautiful, handcrafted product and then put it in on the shelf in anything less than a package designed with the same attention to quality and detail?)

That’s why David Cole, founder of David Cole Creative, led …

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Webinar Express:
Dimensional Marketing in Under 5

webinar, direct mail, dimensional marketing, printWhen nearly every member of your audience is plugged into their phone, social media and the Web, you need a disruptor – something that smashes through all of that noise to connect with them like nothing else can. You need dimensional marketing.

In the second installment of our Webinar Express series, Mary Ann Konishesky and Rob Kelly of Structural Graphics show you what it takes to transform your …

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