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Writing the Proposal & Getting Paid

Design-School-125bBy Phil Cleaver

Some of us got our start slogging away in design school, others simply peddled designs around town until we found a company willing to pay us while we learned on the job. Yet no matter how you began, chances are there are things you never really learned – the far-less-fun business-y things.

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Interactive Print: QR Need Not Apply

handson7c_120pxIt seems like the last year has been spent trying to convince us that print simply can’t engage an audience anymore without getting their smartphones involved. Augmented reality, QR codes, and heaven only knows what else – but who says print can’t be interactive on its own?

Every time we see something like the business card that includes a punch out piece that can be folded into a rabbit, or a

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The (Everything But) Yawn Identity

identity1Logos, stationery, expertly crafted paper promotions that excite the senses as they reinforce a brand. There are so many ways to transform paper into emissaries that convey a client’s image with a creativity that pushes the envelope, without shoving it completely off the table.

Yet after a few years in the design business, it is very easy to fall back on what we’ve done before – the same little tricks that …

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Wisdom from History’s Design Masters

tips_060513cBy Sara Bader

There is a great power in a few well-chosen words, especially when applied to a world as complex as that of design. With her website, Sara Bader has kept track of some of the best quotes ever uttered on the subject. And in her new book collection “The Designer Says”, …

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Make it Pop! Surviving Client Feedback

tip_052913By David Sherwin

This article is an excerpt from David Sherwin’s “Success by Design: The Essential Business Reference for Designers” (HOW Books), which first appeared on FastCoDesign.

Clients deliver feedback on everything we create for them: proposals, deliverables, project schedules, email communication styles, what we’ve worn to a meeting with …

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Have You the Courage to be Creative?

tip_041713By Robin Landa

[Editor’s Note: In the following excerpt from the 5th Edition of “Graphic Design Solutions”, Robin Landa reintroduces us to the nitty-gritty of creativity. In the process, she forces us to realize that creativity isn’t some mysterious force that is either inside us (or not) from day to day, but a skill that can be honed and refined in several …

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