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Since the revision to the CLASSIC Paper offering and branding in 2011, Neenah has reinforced the uniqueness of the four CLASSIC Brands, all offering 10 complete, consistent, compatible, perfect colors, as well as digital offerings and a wide range of weights. They called it “PERFECT10N.” In fact, the first CLASSIC promotion was titled “PERFECT10N.”

This was soon followed by the CLASSIC Tool Kit, which was followed by the CLASSIC Colored Folders, and then …

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Mingo Press: A Real Freak-out Story

mingo-125Mingo Press

Mingo Press is a printer that has been servicing the needs of picky graphic designers and other creative professionals for more than 35 years. Cubic, which handles Mingo Press’ marketing, ended up becoming the inspiration for the printer’s most recent campaign, which highlights Mingo’s special ability to cure creative panic attacks.

As Cubic puts it, “This campaign is based on our own very real freak-outs.” Fortunately, Mingo Press has a group of …

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NEW Neenah Cabinet for Desktop OS X

neenah-cabinet-osx-125Neenah Paper

One of the many things that Neenah does really well is take something great and make it better. Such is the case with the new enhanced Neenah Cabinet for Desktop OS X along with coordinating mobile versions. Created with designers in mind, the new Cabinet allows users to work at the office, at home, at meetings, even on the road. All versions are free, and available now.

With the new …

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Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress Paper

mohawk-letterpress1-125Mohawk Fine Papers

If you love letterpress, there’s a new paper that is quite literally hot off the paper machine and has designers and letterpress printers across the country swooning.

Introducing Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress papers, a new line of 100% cotton letterpress papers from Mohawk, representing the American paper mill’s longstanding commitment to making the finest paper available.

Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress papers have been designed to emulate the look and feel …

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New Accent Opaque Swatchbook Delivers Flair and Function

Accent-Swatch-Spiral-125International Paper

The paper swatchbook – long has it been the definitive guide to a paper line. Printers, designers, merchants and pretty much anyone in the paper business would turn to these treasure troves of information to select the ideal weight, color, finish and texture for their print projects. One could find all types of information critical to matching paper to project and press, yet the primary purpose has always been to compare …

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FEEL – THINK – DO with Neenah

neenah-ftd-125Neenah Paper

In today’s world of social media and electronic communications, paper is a powerful tool when it comes to inducing an emotional reaction. Consumers are driven by desire, which is why Neenah’s “Feel – Think – Do” model resonates, and is the subject of Neenah’s latest text and cover promotion. Feelings come from a luxurious touch, a powerful sensation, a beautifully textured paper. Designers, you have the opportunity to use the power …

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