Paper Profiles

Invercote Brings
Fantastic Creations to Life


It all began with a small design studio on a little road off Carnaby Street. SANTORO was Lucio and Meera Santoro’s small-scale venture into innovative graphic design. Today their work is found around the world, and they have won some 50 international awards for their designs, greeting cards and 3D books.

The company’s first big success came with its Swing Cards, a series of movable …

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The Actions We Take Today
Determine the Future of Our Forests


The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management.

SFI Inc. is solely responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving the internationally recognized SFI program. SFI sets standards for forest management and fiber sourcing, as well as chain-of-custody practices — all of which are third-party audited by accredited certification bodies. SFI Inc. is governed by a

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High Value Brands Deserve Great Packaging

neenah_board-125bNeenah Paper

When positioning a product, where consumers are involved it is important to engage their attention within seconds, and hold onto it as they reach out and touch it for a closer view. So it stands to reason that a product’s packaging is an important representation of a brand. It is the first—and sometimes the only—chance to make an impression. Whether it’s cosmetics, electronics, spirits or hangtags, Neenah has the perfect solution.


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LUXSprinkles Coming
to a Mailbox Near You!, the leading supplier of plain and custom printed envelopes, is going all out in an effort to stop boring mail and help their customers GET NOTICED!

It’s no secret that in an overcrowded mailbox, colored envelopes get noticed first. Colored envelopes are exciting, and can easily tie together corporate branding efforts giving the recipient something to look forward to opening. Of course realizes …

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Since the revision to the CLASSIC Paper offering and branding in 2011, Neenah has reinforced the uniqueness of the four CLASSIC Brands, all offering 10 complete, consistent, compatible, perfect colors, as well as digital offerings and a wide range of weights. They called it “PERFECT10N.” In fact, the first CLASSIC promotion was titled “PERFECT10N.”

This was soon followed by the CLASSIC Tool Kit, which was followed by the CLASSIC Colored Folders, and then …

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Mingo Press: A Real Freak-out Story

mingo-125Mingo Press

Mingo Press is a printer that has been servicing the needs of picky graphic designers and other creative professionals for more than 35 years. Cubic, which handles Mingo Press’ marketing, ended up becoming the inspiration for the printer’s most recent campaign, which highlights Mingo’s special ability to cure creative panic attacks.

As Cubic puts it, “This campaign is based on our own very real freak-outs.” Fortunately, Mingo Press has a group of …

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