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Wine Label Kit & Swatchbook

Wausau-Coated_Wine-Label-125Wausau Coated Products

The finest wines deserve the finest wine label material. Wausau Coated Products’ pressure sensitive wine label collection features an extensive assortment of materials sure to capture the essence of the product inside the bottle.

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Skytone Swatchbook


Mohawk continues to make 2015 the Year of the Swatchbook with the release of its second impressive tome: Skytone. Like January’s milestone debut – Carnival + Via – this one tells you everything you need to know about the paper by employing a clever mix of waterfall sheet display, charts and good old fashioned smart …

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The Yupo Tote Bag


Despite the beating that many have taken from Mother Nature this winter, spring is just around the corner, which means excursions into the great outdoors can’t be far off. To get you in the spirit, Yupo – makers of the 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic paper – want to help you pack up for the beach, the mountains, or wherever your wanderlust takes you.

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Litho Sheen Swatchbook


It’s the 21st century – bold color isn’t just a bonus when it comes to print, it’s expected. Finally there is Litho Sheen by Glodan, a 21st century C2S matte Cover with color – 20 to choose from in all – and on both sides of the sheet.

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