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Carnival + Via Swatchbook

mohawk_carnival_via_swbMohawk Fine Papers

When Mohawk makes a change, it’s nearly always a dramatic one, particularly with its swatchbooks. With the launch of Carnival + Via, the first volume to be redesigned for 2015, they’ve created the paper equivalent of an immersive experience that’s as quick and easy to navigate as your favorite website.

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Ultimate Envelope Sample & Sizing Kit

desertpaper-125bDesert Paper and Envelope

Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has gone off into the desert in search of enlightenment. On that search in the high desert of Albuquerque, NM you’ll find a place that can create envelopes from any paper, and can even provide matching letterhead or

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20% Off Luxury
Letterpress Business Cards


When you make your living making paper sing, the last thing you want to do is press an uninspiring business card into the hands of a potential client.  What you want is for your calling card to scream “quality,” and there’s no better way than with the classic aesthetic of traditional letterpress. Yet seldom do you have the time to get letterpress cards made.

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MagneCote Premagnetized Paper Swatchbook & Idea Kit

magnecote-125Nekoosa Coated Products

Bring high-quality messages to unexpected places with MagneCote, the world’s first premagnetized paper. Create more efficient, breakthrough messages by maximizing reach, relevance, retention, response and return on investment. MagneCote is a new media to work into your marketing mix.

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ON Neenah Promotion


The ON NEENAH paper promotion starts with a beautiful exterior box. Inside you’ll find a portfolio of both two- and three-dimensional print examples.


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