Paper Gallery - Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Employers® Holiday Card November 2013 Design Kelly Wallis, Stan Byers
Print Dynagraphics Printing
Reno, NV
A Harder Nut to Crack December 2013 Design Soonduk Krebs
Katie Savage
Print Cannon Graphics
Philadelphia, PA
Family Memory Kit May 2013 Design Ingred Sidie and
Michelle Sonderegger
Print Printime
Kansas City, MO
Build A Love Nest February 2011 Design Soonduk Krebs
Print Cannon Graphics
Philadelphia, PA
A Cure For Lovesickness February 2012 Design Soonduk Krebs
Print In-house printing
Love Is Here Card January 2012 Design Jennifer Kozak, Eric Oberg, Susan Daughtery
Print HPB Whitmore
Baltimore, MD