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[Video] The Pantone Hotel

hotelFor some this will be heaven on earth; for others, something akin to those dreams you have of being back at school not having studied for the test you’re about to take. It is the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, and it looks for all the world like the designer’s Mecca.

Clothes, coffee makers – is there nothing that hasn’t been Pantoned?


[Video] Letterpressing Chocolate

cadburyWhile you contemplate the various chocolate bunnies, mini-eggs and other post-Easter delicacies (and how best to keep the dog from ingesting them), why not enjoy a little Paper Zen: Behold, the Cadbury Printing Press! Not since Jack Daniel’s included a bit of Jack in the letterpressing of its own poster prints have two addictions come to together so nicely.

The most impressive part: The press prints messages through the wrapper of the chocolate bar without damaging the wrapping.


Paper News

Effective Minimalist Identity

identity_125Despite the near limitless number of colors, printing techniques and papers we have access to today, often it is the most basic design and materials that succeed. Take this fantastically minimalist identity for Austrian carpentry company Tischlerei Gebrüder Falgschlunger, designed by Bureau Rabensteiner.

We’ve been unable to find any actual explanation of the individual pieces, but the photographs are quite compelling. From the wood brown of the business card, binders and tiny envelope, to the gold leaf logo, every piece evokes the nature-based quality of old world carpentry.


Even the logo itself speaks volumes – a leaf containing the Nordic rune for tree, which at once calls to mind ancient traditions and the mythical past.




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Oswaldesque Business Card

oswald_125Frankly we’re so in love with this card design that we’re not sure if knowing what inspired it detracts from, or adds to, its allure. First, the particulars: two-color letterpress printed on recycled thick card stock, with a custom-made embossing stamp to give it added texture and a patina of official sanction.

Now the inspiration: Lee Harvey Oswald’s forged selective service card! As business card inspirations go, that’s pretty obscure.

The cards are for the staff of V Communications, which also designed them. Each employee was photographed wearing vintage clothing and Photoshopped into the card template.

And for the amateur conspiracy theorists among you, type in the web address on the card to add yet another mystery to Oswald’s legacy.

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[Video] Silk Screening a Moleskine

moleskineThis morning’s Paper Zen shows us how all of those Moleskine notebooks are personalized for conferences and other events. (And also reminds us that someone really should put together a compilation album of all those pieces of inspirational music you find in nearly every video related to printing.) More »